Identity Theft

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Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.

If you have become a victim of identity theft First Community Bank of Moultrie County has a comprehensive Identity Theft prevention program.  Contact us and we will provide you with step by step instruction to assist you in an expedient manner with as minimal inconvenience as possible.

Here are a few ways to help keep your identity safe:

Do the following if you become a victim of identity theft:

  1. Contact the three major credit reporting agencies.  Request that all new credit requests be approved by yourself and that a fraud alert be placed on your file.
  2. Close any accounts that have fraudulent activity by contacting the security department of the financial institution or creditor.
  3. File a police report.  Request a copy of the report as creditors of financial institutions may ask for a copy of the report as proof of you claim.